Local expertise and advice for your operation.

Agronomy Consulting

Want to know how you can better your bottom line? Our experienced, forward-looking agronomists use the latest in technology and products with a diversity of people and experiences. We’ve been consulting for over 21 years, some of our agronomists have been in the field for up to 30 years.

BD Ag Enterprises agronomy and farm operation consulting
Remote crop, irrigation, and asset monitoring by BD Ag Enterprises

Farm Asset Monitoring

Our team works with the original developers of pivot monitoring, who have been there since the beginning. We also implement soil moisture and weather assets and are continuously researching newer technology for better information. We get you set up with the tech and then provide recommendations regularly during the growing season, based on the data.

Soil & Plant Sampling

We offer grid and general soil sampling with in-season soil and plant testing. Our customized recommendations are based on results, in-field observations, personal experience, and collective knowledge.

BD Ag Enterprises consultant walking through crop field

Product Delivery & Application

We’re ready to apply fertilizer and chemicals to your field and can deliver products right to your door for minimal or no charge. We save you time, infrastructure, and we have the equipment and certifications.

Crop Scouting

Our crop scouting includes weekly observations in your field, follow-up reports, and customized recommendations to meet the field’s needs. We’re constantly monitoring changes in the fields in our area. This, paired with extensive experience, allows us to make the very best recommendations for your operation.

Crop scouting by BD Ag Enterprises
BD Ag Enterprises aerial imagery for crop fields

Aerial Imagery

We use various aerial imagery technologies to monitor changes in the field.


“Outstanding consulting knowledge. Great team!”

– Kristi H.