We offer liquid and dry fertilizer products that can be applied in various forms.  

BD Ag Enterprises spraying crops with fertilizer or chemicals
BD Ag Enterprises spraying crops with fertilizer or chemicals


Our chemical selection includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foilers, biostimulants, and growth enhancement products.

Hybrid Seeds and Cover Crop Seed

Find the right cover crops to meet your needs. We work with various FSA agencies to meet program requirements.

Ag Lime & Chicken Litter

We can apply small to large amounts of ag lime and chicken litter, as needed. We’re also able to apply these products at a variable rate.


“Great people to work with.Very knowledgeable about products for your situation.”

– Rich S.

Start the path toward a more profitable and efficient operation.

Step 1

Initial Agronomy and Product Consultation

We’ll help you create a crop production plan and find ways to save time, money, and resources.

Step 2

Personalized Recommendations

We’ll create personalized product and service recommendations that best fit your operation,

Step 3

Guided Implementation + Products and Technology

This includes reports, crop plans, technology, products delivered to your door, and in-field assessments.